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Please see to Caution or Danger of this products
Please take care in safe on handling process
Mining companies argue that the body can clear chrysotile asbestos fibers from the lungs and that as a result, chrysotile asbestos poses no health risk. In a paper titled "Undeniable Facts about Chrysotile," its proponents claim that not only does chrysotile have less risk than other forms of asbestos, but also that at low exposure levels, it produces no risk at all. Doctors and scientists counter with the statement that all forms of asbestos cause cancer. According to, a site about asbestos-related cancers, doctors say no amount of asbestos of any form is safe. In 2007 Occupation and Environmental Medicine published a follow-up study of chrysotile asbestos textile workers in South Carolina. The doctors and researchers concluded that the study confirmed the findings from previous investigations of increased risk of death from lung cancer and asbestosis and a strong correlation between exposure to chrysotile and mortality from lung cancer and asbestosis

Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Fly Ash in Fiber Cement Process ?? Why not ???

The technology of replacing Portland cement with fly ash in fibre cement sheets offers numerous benefits such as ;
- Strength,
- Durability
- Resistance to chemical attacks.
Fibre cement sheets are widely used for shelters and are a versatile building material.
Cement which is a main component of the sheet fiber cement and the consumption is around an 1 millions ton annually in Indonesia.

Impact to CO2 ??

Consequently an 1 million tons of cement to usage in manufacture of sheet fiber cement of CO2 is emitted in to the atmosphere from cement manufacturing industries.

In Indonesia many power generation were using coal as source of energy and the waste end after process will be produced a fly ash.

Hence there is large potential for the use of fly ash in building products and in turn protect the environment by reducing Green House Gas (GHS) , reducing Emission and Global Warning.

Use of fly ash in cement, mortar and concrete as a pozzolanic material, saves the equal amount of cement, which otherwise would have been consumed.
The production of cement apart from being quite energy intensive also uses about 1600 kg of limestone and 400 kg of coal per tone of clinker.
Replacement of cement by fly ash also saves the corresponding amount of these natural mineral resources, which are already scarce ( on Limestone ). Further, reduction in usage of these minerals would also decrease the associated mining activity to the corresponding extent, hence the related environmental benefits

Action !
Usage the fly ash as your's material in Building Industries.

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011


Fiber Cement Manufacturing in Indonesia

Joint Foto with Mr. Idris - Plant Manager of PT. Nusantara Building Industries.
PT. Nusantara Building Industries ( NBI ) are producing Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Board Flat, Roofing and Siding Shingle / Woof Plank .
NBI got ISO 9001:2008 from TUV NORD on October 12'2011

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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011

Reduce Waste Sack Kraft Cement to Waste Newsprint Paper

Ideas !
- Long Fiber will be countinues to supply ?
i.e UNBKP , Waste Sack Kraft Cement
- Supply and demand of Long Fiber Cellulose from Fiber Cement Manufacture.
- Price of UNBKP and Waste Sack Kraft Cement.

Action !
- Reduce of Long Fiber Cellulose from UNBKP or Waste Sack Kraft Cement to other waste paper
i.e Newsprint.
- Reduce the density of Sheet products

Why Waste Newsprint ?
- Stability of fiber composition in the sheet paper of newsprint comparing other waste paper.
- Availabilities compare to Waste Sack Kraft Cement.
- Bulky , So the density of Fiber Cement Products will be reduced , will be effected to total cost
of manufacturing.

Have tried and good results
Application to Non Asbestos Flat Sheet 3.5 mm ( air cure )
Roofing 3.5 mm ( air cure )